From the recording Hunters and Gatherers

Extended version of My Head
Typically how the band performs the song for Live performances.....


By Seedless 10 Den C

My head is all I think about
from the time I rise to wake n bake
I don’t want to leave a doubt,
it’s what I do!
And when I wake up in the morning?
Scratch that razor cross my face, it’s attached to my head, so Haha, hoohoo!
It’s my Head, my head, my head, my head, till the day I’m dead, oh yeah, awwww, it’s all about my head

You’re always using your head,
just think about it
Now see what you’re doing?
They call it a noggin,
yo turbin toboggan, a mugshot jewelry
So, pay some attention to the invention that Jah gave ya
Take me advice, I’ll say it real nice
One day it could save ya!
Cause under the influence?
You’re gonna do what you wanna
Waterboy says you better check
your Medulla Oblongata
When drinking and thinking
the fun won’t stop
there is no end in sight
You wake up in the morning, it feels like
Dynamite exploded inside La Cabesa
Little Spanish for ya yeah, then ya
You’re rubbin on your head, yeah!
And wanna stay in bed, oh yeah
See? It’s all about your head ……
My head it’s all I think about
From the time I rise and wake n bake
and it doesn’t always have to be about
boozing and why we smokin weed,
cause check it out

One day I was walking round
the sun was shining on my face
I don’t like to live without Lake Tahoe
Was on a whirl with my best girl
with no intention to reveal
this instinct from my head
that gets me into trouble
Now I didn’t see her
coming around the corner
Lookn so good, I knew
I needed a cold splash of water
My head kept stretching and stretching and stretching as she walked on by,
and I was trying and trying!
I tried with all my might!
My girlfriend surely noticed, and almost broke my neck when she….hah!
She hit me upside my head!
Yeah! Then told me she wished I was dead! Oh yeah!
See? It’s all about yo Head!!!

Oh yeah, gather round brothers and sisters. We going to have a little meeting of a social type. You know we’re talking about the head. We’re talking about that time. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, that very first time, when you get that pull. The invisible chain, that says GET OVER HERE! I NEED SOMETHING TO HELP ME FEEL BETTER! And that’s why they say, just like at the beginning of this song, you gotta take care of #1, and you know how you do that right? We’re talking about the head, the head, talking bout’ the Head, my head ….. uh-hmmm