1. Higher Ground

From the recording Hunters and Gatherers

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Song about finding a special place to deal with your daily life challenges....
Higher Ground!!


By Seedless 10 Den C
I know there’s trouble,
I know the struggle
I know what you’re going through
When you, you want to choke the time
When life gets out of rhyme,
and it’s not jamming with you
Oh, making it through the day?
Gets harder when they pay
so little for all that you do….
When it’s found on Higher Ground!!
When no one else is around!!
I want to give you a clue
Where does it come from?
(Where does it come from)
Where does it grow?
(Where does it grow)
Cause when I need a recharge?
(Need a recharge, yo)
You gotta know what I’m talking about
Hahaha, a different flow…..mmm hmm
Yeah, I know there’s trouble
I know your life is a struggle
So, what is your strategy? When you
ain’t got no time, no frame of mind
to find that beach on your street?
Now where did you come from?
(Where did you come from)
Who do you know?
You say you need a recharge?
Oh, my goodness what am I going to do with you now? (Gonna have to charge you for that, but here ya go)

You’ve got to find a place, and put some grass between your toes, (between your toes)
No matter if you live in the city where the grass it just won’t grow (just won’t grow)
Just tap into your mind (into your mind), find a place that lets you jive
(lets you jive)
Find a place so deep inside, you’ll put some grass between your toes….

Yeah, it’s just a mental switch,
it might cause a twitch!
Tryin this new philosophy…
But when you embrace the change?
You start to win the game of life,
when you find the green.

So, where did you come from?
Who do you know? ETC……