From the recording Hunters and Gatherers

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This track is about growing special plants that will help you manifest love in your life!


By Seedless 10 Den C
I came to testify,
don’t mean to be a bother
What would you rather be night or day?
Nocturnal has its bliss,
with it some loneliness,
but with a kiss of love can light the way
So, watch your love grow
Oh, watch your love go and grow(x3) and grow
Mmmm watch your love grow
Oh, watch your love go and grow(x3) and grow
Cause each time I look at you
it seems your sky isn’t blue
Cause all it seems you see
is dark and grey
And then you bloom, woohoo!!
You can open my mind
like an ocean breeze
(My mind like an ocean breeze)
When we’re together as one,
you bring me all life’s keys
You removed this veil, my mental war
(You removed my mental war)
It is when I am with you, you give me
all of the things I was looking for

When I take care of you,
I feel good inside
it makes me happy, it’s a Sativa pride!!
So watch your love go and grow, grow, grow…..

Every day we wake up with the same sun
Maybe different time and a different hum
But we all have a choice
of how to intake that fuel
You know? Let’s stay on top of it
and keep life cool
Cause you’ve got to know we’re going to find that reason to make this love grow,
Yeah! Season to season
Just think if we can do this with a plant,
why can’t we do it man to man?
Just cast aside the lies of suited old men
and watch your love grow from within
Yes! From within…….

Yeah!! Alright!! Ya gotta hear the Rastafari love in the air tonight!! Yeah, yeah, yeah…..yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…….
Now I just testified
I hope I didn’t bother you!
What would you rather be, Night or Day?