From the recording Hunters and Gatherers

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Remix of the Hit off of the 2012 Album Evolution from Deep Water. Tempo is faster, production is huge, and it has now matured to a KICK ASS SONG!! Download now for your continual enjoyment....


By Seedless 10 Den C
Now how can one man
see the glass half full
when another doesn’t see a drop?
Why do the disadvantaged
have to climb that hill
when the fortunate ones
just won’t give it up?
Now you and I have been
around enough to know
that sometimes attitude is all we’ve got
But just keeping it real,
with no malice, but zeal
And don’t you ever stop!
Cause it’s just rain, pour rain, damn rain….
Don’t let it get you,
don’t let it get you down
when it’s all around, cause it’s just rain

Hey now listen to me,
now what I’m spinnin to you
Don’t ever let a troubled life
reduce you a fool
Just keep it up and don’t give up
Just make it a breeze! Nobody ever says
you get to do what you please
I know what you bleed,
I’m from the wrong side of the tracks
So put your eyes on someone else
and take that monkey off your back

So c’mon people! Let’s get a thicker skin!
Cause when you climb up that hill?
Downhill’s on the other side!!!
So let it Rain, pour rain, damn rain
Don’t let it get you, don’t let it get you down
When it’s all around, Just, let it rain!!
Cause it’s just….. What are you scared of?
Cause you want everything right now?

I want an Oompah Loompa,
I want it right now
I want it now, want it now, want it now
Cause it’s just…’s just…..
Hey, that’s alright Varooka cause it’s just