From the recording Road to Roam

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Chill.....just chill.....
Be a problem solver, not part of the problem!!


By Seedless 10 Den C

The world we live in
is a weird hunt for treasure
To sayin what’s success in life
it’s so hard to measure
We hustle and we bustle, till…..
We make it our ruin
Creating all this stress in life
with goals we’re pursuing
Yo! Blood Pressure’s Going up!
Like a curtain….killing yourself……
With your thoughts! That much is certain!
So, don’t get angry now,
and heed my plea
you’ve got to deal with what’s
in front of you, and be happy!!
So, Don’t Get Angry
(Yes, control your emotions)
(There’s more fish in the ocean)
(Just focus on your own love potion)
So, Don’t Get Angry
One day you will thank me, it’s true
(It’s true) Oh no (It’s true) I’m dead!!
Now Don’t Get Angry
about the little things I do…..
Cause it’s only a reflection
of the things I learned from you
If you would only get in touch
with MY feelings??? But you would
rather just continue the bleeding….
Cause your heart attack made you a liar
Even though you spat in death’s face!!
(Oh yeah you did) In just a moment,
You became a time buyer!!
The wolf inside
exposes how you feed it……
Don’t Get Angry (DGA Just control your emotions), Don’t Get Angry (DGA There’s more fish in the Ocean) Don’t Get Angry (DGA Just focus on your potion) DGA, DGA…..