1. No More

From the recording Evolution from Deep Water

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This track was written about Domestic Violence, and how one man lost it all from one poor decision in time. Never a good thing, just one thing to do.....don't do it


By Seedless 10 Den C
You gave me your heart,
right from the very start
seems so long ago(it seems so long ago)
When our time was good,
and we never had a chance
to discuss any bad, before you said we were through (before you said we were through)
Cause I would always try to satisfy
your hunger and the selfless side
that led me to hurting you
(that led me to hurting you)
The pain I felt inside led to that change
that ultimately rearranged the way
you felt when you say I love you
Now when I come home?
I’m alone, and when you get home?
There’s someone else there now
I feel bad for messing up what we had, it’s so sad cause now we’re no more
now we’re no more,
Now we’re no more…….

(That night) I made a huge mistake, your face told me everything, everything had to change
(Everything had to change, cause things weren’t the same)
I made the change,
but your change was me,
Me not being able to be, to be with you,
boo hoo hoo any more…..
The day came to pay, we couldn’t take the strain of caring to see it through (We couldn’t see it through)
Cause those Demons and skeletons that were lost in the dark, they came back to damage me, well good for you!
Girl, now every time I see your face
There’s such disdain hidden disgrace
And now I don’t know what more I could do? (What more could I do?)
Cause now?
All I do is turn and walk away
Try not to make the same mistake
that I did when I was loving you……..

Now when loving you was always on my mind, when we were back in college girl crossing the line
You and I chose to go down a path, then you surround yourself with people just spewing their smack
Now I look back I can see the way,
all of the mistakes I made that day
Now, all I know that my heart is torn
Because our love is done, and we’re
no more! Now we’re, no, more…(x4)